Understanding your Opponent to win in FIFA 15

This is another one of those sections which might seem completely useless, but trust me, if you try to think like this when you play FIFA 14, you will be very surprised with the edge it can give you over your opponent.
When you first begin playing with someone, you need to pay attention to how they approach certain situations in order to defend well against them. You need to specifically note which direction they turn when there is a defender on their back and the ball is coming to them, whether or not they cut inside when they have a player dribbling down the wing, etc. Of course, they won’t always do the exact same thing, but it can help to know what they are most likely to do in a situation. It’s always better than guessing.

What’s interesting is that many players do not switch up how they approach these pivotal scenarios in a game. Some players always look to cut inside for a shot just outside the box with a player like Robben or Hazard, so you simply position your defender to the inside and note where your backup is if he gets past him. It then becomes rather simple: as soon as he begins to make it past your first defender, switch quickly and steal the ball away with the inside defender before he can react. If you were not constantly analyzing what he’s going to do, you would be caught off guard as you’re just rolling with the punches as they come. You may have been unable to react with the second player and he’d get a shot off.

Paying attention to more simple scenarios such as which direction a player tends to turn can also be to your advantage. Again, he may not always go those directions, but it’s funny how people tend to do the same thing over and over in a game like FIFA. People get comfortable with what they have seen work in the past and always just opt to go with that again. Similarly, people defend the same direction over and over, but you can beat the cycle by predicting based on previous attempts.