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Together Watch NBA2K17 Latest Trailer And Video, Added More Features

NBA2K17 always be show special something every year. It’s pleased to the dream team’s franchise match with the present day U.S. team of men’s national basketball.

Then, who is the dream team? actually, the 1992 Summer Olympics team will matchup the present day basketball team. fanatic fans is awaiting for the drastic game, it would be full of interesting match and worth to watch it.

Additionally, NBA 2K17 has also added some latest features to the overall presentation making it highly entertaining and engaging. The game will feature both the squads and will be available only for the pre-order customers.


Newly Added Features

Fans have been requesting expansion for body types for some time now. And the franchise has certainly taken up the challenge and introduced the features. The trailer shows Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley and David Robinson all have distinguishable physical traits. NBA 2K17 will have updated facial renderings.

The trailer of the game already gives you a clear picture of how you can go ahead with the fight. It imagines a fight between the two teams.

All Great Basketballers On the Same Floor

As for the trailer of NBA 2K17, there is not much of an actual basketball, reports Polygon. It mostly contains slow motion shots of the players on the court. However, if you are an ardent basketball lover, you will enjoy watching great players of the 90’s on the screen. These include Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Paul George and Mike Krzyzewski.

It would indeed be a treat to watch all the greats on the same floor. Krzyzewski’s additions give it an authentic feel, as he is currently the coach of the U.S team at the Olympics. NBA2K17 trailer comes with a The Star-Spangled Banner version track.

NBA2K17’s trailer overall presentation the scene: Carmelo Anthony, Ewing, Robinson; facial presentation is more accurate and the photo are quite visible,in this regard, it would be great improvement on visual, On september 20, NBA2K17 will be released on series platforms such as Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC.