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The Top Methods To Earn Tera Gold

In TERA, TERA gold is an essential part of character progression from start to end game. Although this isn’t the definitive gold making guide and it’s just methods I use to make gold. For me, I just want to have a simple and convenient way to get Tera Gold.


1. Gathering and Crafting
Using your production points as much as possible is very important. You have the option of whether you spend them gathering resources or using those resources to craft. I usually mix both, sometimes I feel like just riding around with my Felicity pet and just gather mining nodes. High-level nodes give some neat stuff like Cobala/Fine Cobala Ore and God’s Tear. I always keep the Cobala Ore I mine and sell everything else.

For crafting, I’m a fan of Alchemy, especially making scrolls. There are scrolls of crit power that uses the normal Cobala Ore and always sells at a profit while being extremely cheap to make.

2. Running AC/BT/MC
The old level 60 instances, yes. I run them still pretty much daily because they net some pretty stable income through the Vanguard system. Running the 3 will take around 20 minutes and will net you Vanguard credits and feedstock that you can sell after. Yes, those are part of the Vanguard Initiative but you COULD just run those 3 all the time and ignore everything else in the list.

3. Vanguard Initiative
Every time you complete a daily quest from the Vanguard Initiative, you gain gold, feedstock and Vanguard credits. You can use those credits to buy masterwork alkahest or crystals to sell on the broker. 95% of the time, it will be a bigger profit to sell crystals so just look up the popular ones and sell those. The big ones are usually: Pounding, Savage, Forceful, Carving, Focused, Hardy, Bitter and Relentless. Every week you also get quite a nice amount of feedstock, gold and 2 crystal boxes for doing 20 quests.

4. Alliance
The alliance is pretty boring to run and at times it’s fairly zergy, especially Free Traders, but you can do quite a bit of gold running alliance. Depending on ranking and how you do in Conflict, you can get up to 70k gold for winning as the Exarch. You also get credits for the Noctenium faction with which you can buy the PvP Zyrks to sell for a pretty decent amount on the broker.

5. Play the Trade Broker
Now I won’t go into how the entire economy of the game works because I never cared enough but you can get some serious money if you play with it a ton. For myself I just do easy simple things like buying the limited edition costumes of a popular race while they are available, then I wait a few months and sell them at 5x the value.

6. Corsairs’ Stronghold and Kumasylum
This one is pretty simple and Corsairs’ is usually the most rewarding one. Just winning and selling the daily box is some pretty decent gold. You can also try your luck and open it. I’d recommend against it and you either sell the box straight up or hold onto it for the next patch where more random drops will come from it and be needed for the next best tier of gear. The random chances of getting a Diamond is pretty nice too. I also like CS in general so that’s cool. PvP is cool.

7. Late game “hard” stuff
Apparently, some people run this but I don’t really find it all that rewarding this patch. All in all, those methods are pretty much just playing the game. Play the game, run content, get gold. Might not be as much as the Queen days, but everyone is in the same boat so you need to make the most out of it. No more countless hours of boring grinding and farming gold? Then, U4GM.com is waiting for you to buy Tera Gold right now! However, when it comes to the best prices for Tera gold, U4GM.com is the place to be. If you want to know more, you can check here: https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold