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New DLC Horns Of The Reach Will Be Added To The Elder Scrolls Online

A new DLC called “Horns of the Reach” will be added to The Elder Scrolls Online, adding two new dungeons – Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. These include unique item sets, mask sets, achievements, and collectibles. There are also some general improvements as well as a new battleground game mode in the PvP called “Chaosball”. Also a new map, the Arcane University, is part of the DLC.


Horns of the Reach is available for Windows PC and Mac and free for ESO Plus members. For everyone else, the DLC costs 1,500 crowns in the crown shop of the game. The general improvements are free for all players, and the addition to the battlefields is free for those who own ESO: Morrowind. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, these content will be released on August 29th.

All information is available on our ESO website.

The Elder Scrolls Online – New DLC’s Release Date

Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online have jointly announced the official release date for the upcoming expansion “Horns of the Reach” for the Rolling Game The Elder Scrolls Online. The new DLC will appear on 29 August 2017 for Xbox One and PS4.

Horns of the Reach

The download extension will be available for ESO Plus members at no additional cost. The others have to shell out 1500 crowns in the in-game shop.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach And Update 15 Unveil

During a LIVE Twitch, two members of Bethesda Softworks took turns presenting the next paid content to The Elder Scrolls Online. The latter will be available in August via the Crown Shop and the ESO Plus subscription (the free trial period has just ended), it is called Horns of the Reach. The developers have also mentioned various changes to update 15 which will be free for all players.

ESO update 15

Details of Horns of the Reach

  • Bloodroot Forge: an ancient forge, long forgotten, recently discovered by the Reachmen and their minotaur allies. This forge, which is said to have been created by Daedric prince Hircine, can manufacture weapons of incredible power. As you explore this new dungeon, you will traverse thick vegetation and lava-filled corridors to reach the heart of the forge and end the Gherig Bullblood plans.
  • Falkreath Hold: a besieged city that will soon fall under the hordes of Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. You and your companions must break the siege, go into town and reach the Jarl’s Hall to kill the monstrous warlord in person.

These dungeons will be available in normal difficulty and veteran, will propose to fight new enemies (Reachmen, minotaurs, bizarre Nirnblooded creatures) and rewards to the height of the challenge proposed by the bosses.

Content For Morrowind

Essentially novelty for the 4v4v4 with the addition of a new battlegrounds, The Arcane University, which will propose a narrow environment with teleporters and a new type of game, Chaosball, in which one will have to hold the ball as long as possible while incurring damage on a regular basis when you are the bearer.

The Free Game Update

These various improvements will be available to all ESO players: the ability to cancel a current research project, you will see your Guild Invite History and an update of the currency system so that you can deposit Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers into your bank.

There will be a system of customizing attacks with a color system so that you can easily recognize the different types of attacks in play.

Of course the update will bring its lot of bug fixes and various and varied improvements.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Two New DLC Following Arrival

Despite the recent release of the new and expansive expansion dedicated to Morrowind, during this year’s E3 conference, Bethesda announced that its team is currently working on implementing two more DLCs.

The first, titled “Horns of the Reach,” will introduce two new dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold), new items including monster mask and new targets to be completed.

At the exit of Horns of the Reach, the base game will receive a free upgrade, which will introduce a new Arcane University map and new Battleground rules (Chaos Ball) as well as new homes, various decor items, Crown Crate and even unusual holiday events. This upgrade will be available to all The Elder Scrolls Online players, but only Morrowind owners will have access to the Battleground content, even without the purchase of Horns of the Reach.

The second DLC, far more full than the former, will be called Clockwork City and will allow us to return for the second time since the Tribunal’s time in the mechanical city of Sotha Sil.

We are reporting the official presentation of Clockwork City: Daedric forces are back in action, and it will be up to you to prevent the catastrophe. With over 10 hours of additional content, Clockwork City is on its way by the end of the year, and has some surprises in store for you. Clockwork City will be a standard DLC and will not require the purchase of Morrowind. For all news on Clockwork City coming in the coming months, keep up-to-date on eso-gold.com.