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FIFA 16:Know Your Game Modes

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You’ve got three choices when you take your Ultimate Team into action, though you can have all three going at once if you choose.

Single Player Seasons: As the name suggests, these are seasons played against AI opponents. They have a system of promotion and relegation like real life leagues(Buy FIFA 16 Coins), with clear point totals given for what you’ll need to move up, stay up or take the title. You’ll start in Division 10 and work your way up from there. In each Division, you’ll have a choice of different leagues to play in, some of which might have different opponents and pre-requisites for the squad you use.

Online Seasons: These are similar to single player seasons except that you play live against human opponents. The multiplayer actually works pretty nicely in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team in my experience, but you’ll want to make sure you have a solid internet connection.

Single Player Tournaments: If you want the challenge of cup play, these single-elimination, knockout-style tournaments are for you. You’ll want to check back fairly often, as the game cycles through its tournament offerings on a regular basis, and several of the tournaments available at any given time will only be around for a few days. Many tournaments have requirements that dictate the make-up of the team you use, and some also have unlock requirements as well.