FIFA 15 key changes this year are minor

As with any sports sim, the key changes this year are minor, iterative enhancements, the sort that only invested fans really pick up on. That said, FIFA 15 feels as polished and accessible as it ever has thanks to another year of work on Ignite. Look for it this fall when it comes to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as — for the first time — PC.

If all this adds character to proceedings, it’s the goalkeepers who provide the muscle. EA’s calling them ‘next-gen keepers’, which doesn’t really mean anything, but they’re noticeably better than they ever have been, That doesn’t just mean they’re harder to beat either – they also make more believable mistakes. It’s infinitely more gratifying to score five on-on-ones that see the goalkeeper react in different ways than it is to score the exact same goal five times, even if the end result is the same.
The change in tackling is likely to frustrate at first, with opponents getting through on goal with perhaps too much regularity. Winning the ball back can also take some time and become a little tiresome. That the referees are only too ready to pounce if a challenge is just a little mistimed, a feature that means a few more stoppages and red cards than would be desirable, is a little irritating too. But it’s a move in favour of offence, and that’s usually a good thing. When playing against a human opponent rather than the computer it also becomes a level playing field and if it results in high scoring games rather than 0-0 draws that’s got to be a good thing too. Possibly in anticipation that the new system might not be to everyone’s taste, EA have made it possible to switch to ‘Legacy Defending’ which makes the title feel much like previous incarnations.

If all this adds appearance to proceedings, it’s the goalkeepers who accommodate the muscle. EA’s calling them ‘next-gen keepers’, which doesn’t absolutely beggarly anything, but they’re acutely bigger than they anytime accept been, That doesn’t just beggarly they’re harder to exhausted either – they aswell accomplish added believable mistakes. It’s consistently added acceptable to account 5 on-on-ones that see the goalkeeper acknowledge in altered agency than it is to account the exact aforementioned ambition 5 times, even if the end aftereffect is the same.

This is what I beggarly if I say you play the bold co-operatively with the computer. The problem, of course, is that the computer doesn’t consistently get it right. “NOT HIM,” is the accepted balked bark of every FIFA player. Of advance I capital to canyon it to the bare man, not the adolescent on the arena with three defenders aloft him. Of advance I capital to canyon it to the being on-side with a scoring opportunity, not the being 20 yards off-side down abreast the bend flag. To play FIFA is to be consistently reminded that you are not alone in control, and it’s infuriating to lose and attempt adjoin a arrangement you can’t dominate. It aswell agency you wish to grab as abounding packs of players as you can, and that it’s account befitting a able band of affluence to about-face things about if it’s not alive out.

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