Does Maplestory2 be better than M1?


Since Maplestory come out,it attractive many players for a long time. Then maplestory 2 will be released ,So does Maplestory 2 be better than Maplestory?

As a fun ride but the game is nx’d out pay2win as heck Easy as pie to level the game was fun when it took you real time and effort to level like 2006 when i started it took me 1 month to get 30.. you get that in 15 minutes now some people like it but personally i think it ruined maplestory 10 fold the last update i remember and enjoyed was pirates and arans after that i felt it was missing that nosalgic unique feeling of when i first played maple.

Then behind for 2 is because they said they plan on keeping the game cosmetic.. which I think they will for atleast a long while while maple 1 is still making them bank. The game is a fresh breeze of fresh air it’s new but we will see the old elements of the GOOD maplestory just because it’s 3d means you are really picky. or you’re not giving it a chance. Which is fine but so far the game is looking just like I hoped. and I actually am happy they went with the cube look do you realize how much customization will be implemented? there will be so much to look forward to.

Last thing I forgot to mention was the fact that since it’s 3d you can move around more evasively to avoid enemy attacks which I have seen you will need to be doing alot since mobs will agro very easily.See more at