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NBA 2K17’S cover in Spain is Spurs’ Pau Gasol

who is the NBA 2K17 ‘S cover in spanish? It is report that Pau Gasol will be the NBA 2K17 ‘S cover in spanish.0808“I am delighted to star as the NBA 2K17 cover. NBA 2K is the game that best reflects the emotion, intensity and complexity of the basketball, and I am proud to be the visible face in Spain, where more and more players and fans who dream of the NBA there.

As Spurs fans who are also fans of the video game, it will give them a chance to mix and match Pau with other Spurs legends and trot out their fantasy teams. Pairing him and Tim Duncan, or perhaps seeing what a team with him, David Robinson and George Gervin would look like together on the court. The options are endless.

The Spurs have had some great news on the video game front this summer. Spurs guard Patty Mills and Team Australia will finally be playable in the same video game as well.

let’s we anticipated the wonderful video game .