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FIFA 15 occured  player prices limits

EA Sports continues its struggle against the illegal sale of gold coins in FIFA Ultimate Team, which according to the studio, ends up inflating the prices of players, resulting in an unfair situation for players who do not buy coins illegally. Continue reading

New FIFA 15 price range of its good points

1) Now if someone wants to buy a lot of coins then they need an expensive player! Coin selling won’t be impossible but it will be very, very impractical. No more pay to win.

2) As a consequence of the above, my match coins will be worth much more. Continue reading

Bad points for FIFA 15 price effect

1) Do we really trust EA to get this right? They haven’t got much of a track record and this is very ambitious, it could be a disaster!

2) Are these prices ranges locked or do they vary over time? Otherwise in forms who have been in the game several weeks will soon become extinct at relatively low prices. Continue reading

January Upgrades winter-transfers of FIFA 15

EA has unexpectedly released the first batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team winter transfers or January transfers ahead of the scheduled January month end. This is a huge surprise providing these transfers a full week ahead of schedule.

Real world transfers completed so far have been included in FUT 15. This means that you will find Wilfried Bony, Fernando Torres and Shaqiri at Manchester City, Atletico Madrid and Inter respectively. EA confirmed the transfers on their website and have made a Google document showing all of the transfers currently made in the game thus far.

We apprehend that EA will absolution the next batches in the advancing weeks. By no means did anyone apprehend this absolution so early, but maybe the authorization is being proactive advanced of the mad clutter of transfers advancing next week.