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A Complete Mess: NBA 2K17 After Dark

On Saturday, the highly anticipated After Dark mode in the game’s My Park was unleashed, what this means was that NBA 2K17 had turned into a disaster. Unluckily, which is completely contrary than previous expected, apparently, it didn’t meet expectations, there are some reasons, that’s probably why it resulted to such.


2K Games, on the contrary, deemed the event a successful one. Both Ronnie 2K and Chris Manning can attest to this. But of course, at the end of the day, it’s the fan base who has to stand as the judge. NBA 2K17 players were reportedly facing a lot of issues during the After Dark event in My Park mode.

For instance, when they’re trying to login, they’re randomly kicked. Some also pointed out that joining pickup games (i.e. one-on-one, two-on-two and three-on-three) was almost impossible. These issues were believed to have been due to the game’s server frequently crashing.

Many believed that the problem rooted from the fact that a truckload of players are trying to enter simultaneously. And unfortunately for 2K games, they seemed to have no control on it. As a result, the crashing happen. But had the studio anticipated it beforehand, things might have gone smoothly.

The NBA 2K17 After Dark mode was there to bring a virtual party. Think of it as a concert sort of thing, only that it’s done in-game. Among the rappers who spearheaded the event is no other than Snoop Dogg. But it seems, as what it turned out, even the singer himself wasn’t able to mitigate the problem.

In addition to the crashing, for some avid players, during the launch night, they were also complaining about bugs. Since there were those who, even if they being able to log, however, can’t see the event running. Due to the bug, some players deemed that the mode wasn’t happening at all. It’s said to that this wasn’t taken lightly by the community, since some call it a entire “trash”.

NBA 2K17 Issues & Park After Dark Mode: A Poor Implementation And Plagued Issues

When the anticipated feature of NBA 2K17 was launched, regarding various complaints of gamers and After Dark Mode abound, meanwhile, including citing endemic to the add-on. For some players who come from across social media as well as Reddit included purchased NBA 2K17 MT, they are going on a tirade about the added feature showing dismay for the poorly implemented launch.


Frequenting the MyPark mode to which the said feature is an add-on to, players would face day-to-day issues such as random getting kicked out of the game or not being to play or join any of the three pickup game variations. If the aforementioned issues are not problems enough with the game, the issues were made worse as the problem persisted resulting from 2K’s servers crashing a definite time period.

Given the latest NBA title’s domination in the video game space and the popularity of the sport in general, it does not come as a surprise that the issue of 2K servers’ crash is a result of a multitude of players simultaneously logging into the game. No matter how many issues will be appeared, players has a clearer idea of what in advance to buy NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

One other pressing issue with the said launch was of many players missing out on the promised Snoop Dogg concert in the game’s virtual party mode resulting from the server’s failure to accommodate them. Not giving another aspect of the game a spare of the trouble, even the less important elements as After Dark items are making a round of problems to gamers.

For example, by using Virtual Currencies such as NBA 2K17 MT PC to purchase with any of After Dark’s clothing as well as accessories. For those players who have already bought those clothing and accessories. It’s said to that they can’t immediately equipable to their chosen avatar. Regardless though, even if does, they also could not even take their MyPlayer avatar into an actual game. Even if contrary to the claim, with respect to above mentioned technical hiccups posit that the After Dark of NBA 2K17 mode implementation as a disaster.

NBA 2K17: 2KTV S3. Episode 11 Answers

Since the latest talks of NBA 2K17 to join the spotlight is the MyPark update, the newest 2KTV highlight become the Thanksgiving Special: Park After Dark details.

In this episode, NBA 2K17 play-by-play announcer and legend Kevin Harlan talks about being part of the 2K family for nearly 10 years and how he comes up with some of his famous catch phrases. Plus, hip hop dancer Meechie was mentioned in this episode.

Here we’ll post the correct answers of this week’s NBA 2KTV Episode:

Q1: What’s your favorite part of Park After Dark?
A1: Any Answer – 50 VC

Q2: How do you access MyPark events like Park After Dark?
A2: Park Events Gate – 2KTV MyCareer Shirt for MyPlayer

Q3: Where have you noticed Meechie’s animation in MyPARK?
A3: Any Answer – 50 VC

Q4: What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?
A4: Any Answer – 50 VC

Q5: What is Kevin Harlan’s role in NBA 2K17?
A5: Play-By-Play Announcer – 100 VC

Q6: Who was the first color analyst Kevin Harlan worked with in an NBA 2K game?
A6: Kenny Smith – 100 VC

Q7: Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Week!
A7: Any Answer – 50 VC

To get more details, you can watch 2KTV in-game, on the MyNBA2K17 app, and on YouTube. You can get free VC from answering these questions. The new “NBA 2K17” has been out now for quite some time, so we have made several tips that could help you improve your game. Moreover, you can buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT from our site:

We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. There are other guides of the game as well that you can check out on U4NBA. So, stay tuned.

NBA 2K17: The Way To Increase Free Throw Rating In MyCareer

In NBA 2K17, increasing most of the attributes ratings is very important if you want to create a real superstar in MyPlayer. NBA 2K17, as we know there are many differences compared to 2K16, one of the changes in the MyPlayer mode for 2K17 is the Free Throw rating can no longer be increased with Virtual Currency. It’s quite a waste since one of the pre-order bonuses is a handful of VC. There is a way for player to tune their NBA 2K17 free throw through practice sessions. The helpful method in increasing the Free Throw ratings for MyPlayer need to do is get into a session of team practice.

There is a way for players to tune their NBA 2K17 free throw through practice sessions. Gamers just have to enter Team Practice through MyCareer Calendar. At team practice, players can either complete their scheduled workouts or skip them to go straight to doing free throws. The player just needs to step on the free throw line for their free throw workout to begin.

NBA 2K17 MyCareer – How To Increase Free Throw Rating

If an opponent has a bad free throw rating, You can easily get an advantage in any game just by fouling shooters who are bad at free throws, and making them earn those 2 points. Examples of players with bad free throw ratings in the game are Andre Drumond, Deandre Jordan, Dwight Howard, Rudy Gobert, Ian Mahinmi, Nerlens Noel, Kenneth Faried, Tristan Thompson, and Bismack Biyombo.

Hit the intentional foul button when you see these players get a hold of the ball. Make sure to box out players on the second free throw attempt to avoid offensive rebounds. This tactic is also done in actual plays.

In generally, I think that Kevin Durant, LeBron, Carmelo, Nash, and Conley are all pretty easy and best NBA 2K17 Free Throw. Based on your personal situation, you can choose the ideal one to practice Free Throw Rating in NBA 2K17 MyCareer.

One player on the Reddit thread reports that the next patch will finally allow players of NBA 2K17 to increase the Free Throw rating by using VC. However, each point will cost a whopping 10,000 VC, so it’s still a pretty tough feat to increase the rating.

We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. There are other guides of the game as well that you can check out on So, stay tuned.

Together Watch NBA2K17 Latest Trailer And Video, Added More Features

NBA2K17 always be show special something every year. It’s pleased to the dream team’s franchise match with the present day U.S. team of men’s national basketball.

Then, who is the dream team? actually, the 1992 Summer Olympics team will matchup the present day basketball team. fanatic fans is awaiting for the drastic game, it would be full of interesting match and worth to watch it.

Additionally, NBA 2K17 has also added some latest features to the overall presentation making it highly entertaining and engaging. The game will feature both the squads and will be available only for the pre-order customers.


Newly Added Features

Fans have been requesting expansion for body types for some time now. And the franchise has certainly taken up the challenge and introduced the features. The trailer shows Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley and David Robinson all have distinguishable physical traits. NBA 2K17 will have updated facial renderings.

The trailer of the game already gives you a clear picture of how you can go ahead with the fight. It imagines a fight between the two teams.

All Great Basketballers On the Same Floor

As for the trailer of NBA 2K17, there is not much of an actual basketball, reports Polygon. It mostly contains slow motion shots of the players on the court. However, if you are an ardent basketball lover, you will enjoy watching great players of the 90’s on the screen. These include Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Paul George and Mike Krzyzewski.

It would indeed be a treat to watch all the greats on the same floor. Krzyzewski’s additions give it an authentic feel, as he is currently the coach of the U.S team at the Olympics. NBA2K17 trailer comes with a The Star-Spangled Banner version track.

NBA2K17’s trailer overall presentation the scene: Carmelo Anthony, Ewing, Robinson; facial presentation is more accurate and the photo are quite visible,in this regard, it would be great improvement on visual, On september 20, NBA2K17 will be released on series platforms such as Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC.

NBA2K17 Released Complete Soundtrack Playlist

With the process of NBA2K17 video-game has been made public, complete soundtrack playlist was released by 2K Sports.The full soundtrack for NBA2K17 is available to check out, and to listen to on Spotify.

According to the press release, the soundtrack was curated by Imagine Dragons, Noah “40” Shebib, and Grimes. It also says that “The new soundtrack will feature music across all genres including hip-hop, rock and alternative with songs from JAY Z, Future, Action Bronson, The Internet, The 1975, Santigold, and more.” Oddly, they don’t mention Drake, who has two songs on the soundtrack, “Hype” and “Pop Style.”


There is a lot of hip-hop on the soundtrack, but they mix it up. It’s not all newer songs, as Outkast’s “Rosa Parks” is on there. Even the Santigold song is “Creator,” which was released as a single in 2008. Of course, Santigold is awesome, so who cares? The JAY Z selection is an odd one, as they went with “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love),” but a live version of MTV Unplugged, presumably because in this version he doesn’t use a gay slur. He does still say “males shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait,” but one assumes NBA2K17 would prefer you not focus on that.

video-game soundtrack are exceedingly crucial, when you play game, almost pepole have the habit of listening to song, If the process have no soundtrack, you will be oddly and uneasy. it can put a damper on the game play experience.

some songs Such as Grimes’ “Kill vs. Maim” into the game, you would be the feeling of cool, if you want that kind of stuff, maybe a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack is more your thing.

Some News about NBA2K17, Do You Know That

NBA2K16 was released Following with record-breaking, NBA2K continues to keep its franchise, the most authentic sports video game with NBA 2K17 make  to a new height. Additionally, NBA2K17 can blur the lines between video game and reality.08117The NBA 2K17 Legend Edition Gold includes

Physical Items:
2 Panini Kobe trading cards
Black Mamba controller skin
Limited-edition Kobe poster

Digital Content:

100,000 Virtual Currency
MyTEAM Bundle + (including 3 packs with a guaranteed Kobe Bryant card)
2K Kobe XI shoe
Kobe hoodie
Kobe #8 Mitchell & Ness Jersey
And more!

2016’s Olympic Squad VS New NBA2K17 Video tease Dream Team

Recently, Summer Olympics in Rio was held. Meanwhile, latest trailer for NBA2K17 and two of the United States’ Olympic squads was appeared. 2K has released it, we can concerned about more news update.511837-thumb

Paul George, who broke his leg playing for the US national team in 2014 (albeit at the FIBA World Cup, not the Olympics), is this year’s cover star. There’s also a more expensive Legend edition of the game that features the now-retired Kobe Bryant on its cover and comes with various bonuses.

We don’t get to see any real basketball action in the video. Instead, it focuses on the pre-game national anthem and some player-specific celebrations. Most importantly, it teases the potential dream matchup that NBA 2K17 makes possible, where you could play a game between the 1992 Dream Team and this year’s US men’s national team.

The latter, being comprised entirely of current-day NBA stars, is included in the game alongside head coach Mike Krzyzewski. But it also features the complete Dream Team–in addition to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, all of whom we’ve seen before, this marks the first time Charles Barkley has been in a 2K game. However, you’ll need to preorder the game in order to have access to the team.

In another first, 2K17 includes the Australian Boomers as a playable team in the game.

NBA 2K17 will be launched on September 20, if you want to pre-order it, you can buy it four days early.

NBA 2K17 Trailer Heads Showdown Dream Team

Everyone knows that Olympics held every four years. Some pepole try their best to settle an age-old argument: who would win the game for modern U.S men’s national basketball team against the original Dream Team, the people behind the NBA 2K want to resolve the debate.


NBA 2K17 will feature both of those squads — for pre-order customers, that is — and the game’s latest trailer imagines a game between them.

2016 USA Olympic men’s basketball team stars in NBA 2K17

There isn’t a lot of actual basketball in the trailer; it’s mostly just slow-mo shots of the players on the court. But it’s still thrilling to see ’90s greats like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird on the same floor as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and NBA 2K17 cover athlete Paul George. Also featured is Mike Krzyzewski, who is the current head coach of the U.S. team — it’s his last go-round at the Olympics — and was an assistant coach in 1992.

A version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is the backing track for the trailer. It’s a stirring rendition, although there’s an inexplicable, off-putting key change halfway through the final line that’s rather jarring.

Due to its release date nears, you should remember that day, on september 20, NBA 2K17 will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Nice thing is that the 1992 Dream Team will be available only to people who pre-order the game. It’s report that Team USA faces off against Australia tonight in Rio.

You Can Totally Control Of the League By GAMES NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is ready to the release, we awaiting drastic the basketball video game, we are extremely excited. Today, we are trained NBA 2K17’s features , which is called league expansion.


The feature was announced by SimBaller on 2K’s blog and he revealed that its sole purpose is to offer you complete control of your league. So if you are to play MyGM or MyLeague, you can pick a league and the number of teams involved. League Expansion gives it an extra touch by allowing you to add more teams into the league at any given time, off-season.

Just thought of positive aspect, We can’t wait any moment ,we want to try it right now . Another angles, We are still concentrate on the playing experience when we are playing the NBA 2K17, we want to recognizing games. That is biggest change, then, We made any decisions influence our story.