Albion Online: Its The Closed Beta Open Date

It’s safe to say that Albion Online is an online sandbox game, it can allow you to creat weapons as well as armor, including build building, build villages, even measure yourself against other players. Are you ready for buy albion gold?


After an alpha last summer, Sandbox Interactive announces that the next beta phase will begin on November 23rd. Albion Online will be released next year on PC, Android, iOS and Mac. How to play Albion Online? you can buy cheap albion online silver online, then enjoying it.

To access it you can register on the official website of Albion Online and buy one of the three pack founder. Note that new features announced since the last gamescom appear with this beta:

Auction system buys land
Weapons can be enchanted in sanctuaries
Plowers may be engaged to collect resources
Improveable islands are available for you and your clan
The benefits of premium accounts have been implemented
A new combat system has been set up with new remote attacks