3 main techniques for Maplestory mesos


It is especial difficult to making a lot of Maplestory mesos  at times  if you are in the lower level of the game, and it is not enjoyable at all to spend your time sitting and grinding the whole day long without making any progress. There are only three main techniques to make mesos:

The first technique is Grinding. This is the simplest technique that you can perform, but it can be frustrating at times when you don’t have the knowledge to do it properly. Well the key for you to be successful in this technique is to grind only those monsters of a lower level than yours. It is because fighting with monsters which have higher levels than you will only result in more injury to you than necessary; it creates more downtime making you use your healing items more often, and as a result that can cost you a lot of mesos.

The second technique is Questing. This is an enjoyable way to make maplestory mesos and this can be a great technique to perform when grinding becomes boring. But the value of these quests are not equal; some of them give you a higher yield of mesos than other quests. Some even give you extra items that you can then on sell. So be mindful of choosing and completing only those quests that yield the highest mesos.

The third technique is Saving Mesos. Save items that can be used for healing. Moreover, it is also good not to buy high-end equipment or gear often. So only purchase these kind of things when you have to. You should also consider the less expensive items because a lot of them perform just as well as some the high-end ones, which in turn saves you mesos. These techniques mentioned above can greatly increase your mesos ten folder if you keep them in mind when playing the game, making you a mesos billionaire in no time.